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Beer Plugs

Beer Plugs preview
Beer Plugs preview
Beer Plugs preview
  • Description

    Did you know loud music doesn’t just affect your hearing, it actually makes you drink more…and faster? So to help music lovers' festival experience, we created Beer Plugs. Cleverly disguised as pints of lager, these customized earplugs, don’t just protect your hearing, they improve your festival endurance by slowing your rate of drinking. Unverified Roles: Strategic Director Mathias Birkvad Creative Director Kristoffer Gandsager Creative Director James Godfrey Creative Thea Stevnhøj Creative Rasmus Zepernick Jensen Creative Jon Goldtsche Project Manager Sofia Brockenhuus-Schack Creative Mark Rif Torbensen https://www.cpbcopenhagen.dk/tuborg-beer-plugs https://creativecircle.dk/arbejder/beer-plugs-kopi/


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      Uffe Truust


      Kristoffer Gandsager

      Creative director

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